sym fera Release Latest Single “11/8”

L.A. duo sym fera has released their hypnotic, melodic and atmospheric single “11/8”. “11/8 is about what it feels like to be a human mind that has been hacked by social media,” says the band. The paranoia, a manufactured, grandiose identity. The way it turns human psychology into a product to be bought and feasted upon by the highest bidder. We all know that no matter how much we pour ourselves into it, it never really becomes a complete picture of who we are. We’re chasing true connection while running from complete exposure, and one cannot be had without the other. So, we’re running toward something and away from it at the same time, and we never really capture what we chase or escape what chases us. And strangely, we all kind of know this feeling, of trying to be everything and nothing all at once.”

From sym fera: “If this project is trying to be about anything, it’s probably about navigating the problem of other minds: that is, that other minds exist, but I can never actually experience them. And that condition leads to mistrust, love, pain, war, conspiracy, politics. All of it. We all live in these separate locked rooms of bone and we never leave, and no one ever really comes to visit. We can only detect clues that there are minds other than our own. We are all “island universes.”
But sometimes we can overhear the music coming from other rooms, and it makes us feel less alone. And eventually we get this silly idea that, maybe, we could make some music of our own, and maybe those minds in those other rooms might hear it, and maybe they’ll feel something. We’ll never get inside their rooms, and they’ll never get inside ours. But the walls are just thin enough that there is music. So, maybe that’s something.”