Sylvia Rose Novak Shares New Single “To Ten”

Singer, songwriter, and bassist Sylvia Rose Novak has released a new single, “To Ten”, the second from her upcoming 5th studio album A Miss / A Masterpiece. The single, which is a propulsive and catchy power-pop / rock track, represents the artistic transformation and liberation of Sylvia Rose Novak, as she completes her pivot away from the Americana / alt country sound of her previous records and towards a harder rocking sound inspired by the emo and pop punk bands she loved as a teenager. A Miss / A Masterpiece will be released in full on May 20th, 2022. 

After years of feeling limited and misunderstood by the Americana / Alt-Country genre category she was initially pigeonholed into and the expectations that came along with it, this is the first album that Sylvia has made so far far that she feels truly encapsulates the full person and artist she always knew herself to be, now finally actualized in the music. A Miss / A Masterpiece is her declaration of independence, trading in cowboy boots for her favorite Black Sabbath tank top, black jeans, and a scuffed pair of well-loved motorcycle boots – the look that she should have introduced herself with in the first place. Throw this track on and crank your headphones or stereo system up “To Ten” — you’ll immediately see how this genre pivot has revitalized the spirit of Sylvia Rose Novak

A Miss / A Masterpiece may at first seem like a dramatic pivot for fans of her previous material, but as the record unfolds, it becomes clear that this new style is the musical context Sylvia’s songwriting and vocals have always been meant for. As she put it herself, “I’m trying to really find my footing in the industry with this album. Not so much as an “I play rock now” thing but as an “ I made a rock record because I do what I want” thing. I may make an indie album next. I may make a metal album. The future is wide open.”

Photo Courtesy: Maggie Scruggs