Sweet Imperfections Shares New Single “Step Into Love”

“Step Into Love”, the new single out now by Sweet Imperfections, is an invitation to step out of shame and into love. Inspired by a fight with lead singer Bri Schillings’ real-life partner, the song’s honest story is what makes it so meaningful. When personal shame is unraveled, limitations within relationships are lifted. When we step out of shame, we are set free, and in this story, we are set free to love passionately.

Sonically, “Step Into Love” is a dreamy, psychedelic pop song that mixes Mazzy Star’s dreamy pop with Fleetwood Mac’s soft rock intimacy.

Bri Schillings recorded a demo track after the fight with her partner, adding a deep percussive beat to drive the tension. Her next step was to send it to producer Chad Shlosser, with whom she began pre-production.

Chad returned a sample of a gorgeous guitar melody after receiving the demo. In a dream, Chad Shlosser received the melody. As dreamy, vulnerable and organic as the night it was written, this song reflects all the feelings of its inspiration.

An alternative dream-pop piece with beautifully chilled vocals and soothing guitar chords, “Step Into Love” is both heartfelt and dramatic.