Sun June Announce New Album, Shares Lead Single “Get Enough”

Austin TX’s Sun June announce their new album Bad Dream Jaguar, out October 20th via Run For Cover, with a video for its driving lead single “Get Enough.”

“‘Get Enough’ is about spring-time mania, justifying delusions, and losing it but still loving it (Macca forever). It was written when Laura and Stephen were bouncing back and forth between Texas and North Carolina, each unsure of where life was headed,” the band explains.

“For the ‘Get Enough” video we wanted to lean into Texas kitsch. Most of us are transplants, but we’ve become Texans whether we like it or not. We liked the images of fake cowboying and Texan expanses beneath a busy flight path, and we thought it fit a song that’s about being pulled in different directions and wanting competing things,” they continue. “Visually, we were inspired by Punch Drunk Love. We bought a big blue suit and used 1970s anamorphic lenses to distort the image and bend the light.”

On Bad Dream Jaguar, Sun June is unmoored. The backdrop of Texas is replaced by longing, by distance, by transience, and a quiet fear. The only sense of certainty comes from the murky past. It’s a dispatch from aging, when you’re in the strange in-between of yourself: there’s a clear image of the person you once were and the places you inhabited, generational curses and our families, but the future feels vast, unclear – and the present can’t help but slip through your fingers.

Photo Courtesy: Alex Winker