Stomping Grounds: Minneapolis, MN by Sarah Young of Cloud Cult

sarahyoungCloud Cult is a well established band in Minneapolis. Developing in the mid-nineties and releasing eight albums, they are on a steady roll and there is no stopping in sight. They have recieved numerous good reviews and have played with bands such as Spoon and the Flaming Lips. Not only are they a successful and lasting band, they are unique from many band out there. (And not in a cult sort of way – their name comes from ancient native American prophecies). Cloud Cult self-releases all of their albums on their own label, Earthology Records. Also, they donate all profits to environmental charities and drive a biodiesel van. Kudos, Cloud Cult! See what Sarah Young, cellist and vocalist, has to say about the “Mini Apple.”

1. What’s your town’s nickname?
Minneapolis has a few nick names—City of Lakes or the Mini Apple are most common. I’m guessing most people know that the “Twin Cities” refers to both Minneapolis and St. Paul, but is often used when talking about one city or the other. Sadly, it also earned the nickname, “Murderapolis” back in the 90’s. As a teenager, I can remember my dad being really disappointed by that nickname.
2. What’s your nickname for your town?
I usually stick with the “Twin Cities” when I’m outta town.  In town…I just call it home.
3. Why do you live there?
My husband, Adrian, LOVES it. Everything is convenient, it’s still family-friendly, there are neighborhood coffee shops, playgrounds, theaters, newsletters and park’n’rec buildings. AND—there are sidewalks!
4. What is your favorite local attraction (monument, park, etc)?
An all-time favorite is the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden at the Walker Art Center. I have many great memories of events there—-Rock the Gardens, lots of Frisbee-throwing (and retrieving in the spoon’s pond), and my mom’s surprise 60th Birthday picnic!
5. What is your favorite local event/festival?
Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater organizes a May Day parade each year that runs south along Bloomington Ave and finishes just east at Powderhorn Park. The puppets are striking, to say the least. You feel like a part of it just by watching.
6. What is the best time of year to be there?
Anytime other than January and February. They are the tough months. However, you get the seasons here and March has been pretty snowy lately (and not so cold) so all the other 10 months are just about right.

7. Who is your favorite local celebrity/personality?


8. Where is the best place to drink and what’s their specialty or happy hour?

A bit old-school, but The Red Dragon has a special place in my heart. The Red Dragon Special is sweet and yummy, but don’t get it if you plan to drive home.
9. Who has the best jukebox (and what’s in it)?
The CC Club. Most anything your heart desires.
10. What is your favorite place to see live music and what was your favorite show there?
First Ave…Matthew Sweet, Girlfriend Tour.  He signed my forehead AND I got in with my ID. Thanks, First Ave, for not kicking me out. I just LOVE Matthew Sweet!!!
11. What is your favorite local band?
Ice Palace.

12. What is your favorite diner or restaurant and what is their best dish?

The Town Talk. The Bloody Mary.

13. What is your favorite record store and what was your best find there?

Electric Fetus. Martin Sexton’s The American.

14. What is your favorite local shop?

Dunn Brothers coffee shop—Lyndale style.
15. What is your favorite local publication (alternative weekly, zine, website or blog)?
The City Pages has to take this one, although I’m rather fond of the Rake Magazine as well.