X__X No Wave Artists Return And Share "Transmography"

No wave. It’s an all but forgotten style, genre, sub-genre or whatever level of music one chooses to place it under/in. There’s a mystification surrounding X__X ((pronounced Ex Blank Ex) the short lived Cleveland group that lasted just six months back in 1978. Led by guitarist John D. Morton, proto-punks will recognize him from his more infamous band the Electric Eels.
Now Morton has brought back together his X__X with the release of Albert Ayler’s Ghost Live at the Yellow Ghetto, the bands newest effort. With his allies in tow, Craig Willis Bell and Andrew Klimeyk they’re here to change your world. Nihilistic art-punk? Oh no my friends, it goes far beyond that.

Friday, January 8th at Zanzabar in Louisville, KY
Saturday, January 9th at Pilot Light in Knoxville, TN
Sunday, January 10th at The Garage in Winston-Salem, NC
Monday, January 11th at The Cave in Chapel Hill, NC
Tuesday, January 12th at Caledonia in Athens, GA
Wednesday, January 13th at The Earl in Atlanta, GA
Thursday, January 14th at Rain Dogs in Jacksonville, FL
Friday, January 15th at Will’s Pub in Orlando, FL
Saturday, January 16th TBA in Tallahassee, FL
Sunday, January 17th at Siberia in New Orleans, LA
Monday, January 18th OFF
Tuesday, January 19th at TBA in Houston, TX
Wednesday, January 20th at Rubber Gloves in Denton, TX
Thursday, January 21st at Barracuda (Red7) in Austin, TX
Friday, January 22nd at Murphy’s in Memphis, TN
Saturday, January 23rd at MOTR in Cincinnati, OH
 Obnox man Lamont Thomas (third from left) is the band’s touring drummer.
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