Worth Their Salt: An interview with Fred Malcom of Attic Salt

Springfield, Illinois power pop/pop punk quartet Attic Salt recently released their dizzying debut via Dodgeball Records in late October before heading to The Fest in Florida. The album, which seamlessly blends traces of The Muffs, Superchunk, The Weakerthans, Jawbreaker and other indie and punk heavies showcases a band with a clear and solid foothold in indie rock excellence who is poised to make serious waves. They’re hooky, melodic, upbeat, earnest and noisy – basically, all the things a good band of this ilk should be.
Ghettoblaster recently caught up with Attic Salt drummer Fred Malcom to discuss the band’s recent effort and trip to Fest. This is what he said.
When and under what circumstances did Attic Salt come together?
Attic Salt came together late 2015. Andy Harmon and I wanted to start another band with female vocals. He and I have played in bands together since we were teens the latest before Attic Salt being Nephrons. When Nephrons dissolved, I heard my friend Alyssa Currie sing and play at an open mic and I said, we are starting a band. She said, ok yes. That’s the exciting part I guess. Lanny Durbin joined up this year. He’s a good friend and also in other bands with us. 
Is there a primary songwriter or is it a more democratic process?
Andy and Alyssa do the song writing. They usually come to practice with complete songs and we’ll work on transitions or rhythms together as a band.
When did you begin writing the material for the record?
For this record, I guess you can say 2015 since that’s when we formed. 
Is there a theme to the self-titled record? Were there messages that you were hoping to communicate with it?
Nah, there’s not really a theme to the record. Just catchy songs with hooks is what we like.
What was the recording process like?
We recorded with our good friend Luke Mcneill here in Springfield. I’m in a few other bands with him, Hospital Job and Starter Jackets, so everything was totally comfortable. He really knows what he is doing and brought the best out of us. 
What are your favorite moments on the record?
I think we all have different favorite songs on the record. Mine personally would be “Arm’s Length.” I just really like the lyrics. But as far as a good representation of us, “Drawing Board” is a favorite of a lot of folks. 
How did Attic Salt get hooked up with Dodgeball Records?
We had finished the record and I was looking to see if anyone would want to put it out. I had met Mike Felumlee prior with his Live From The Rock Room series. I shot him a message with a few tracks and he loved them. And the rest is history!
Did you guys just get back from Fest? How was that?
We did! Fest was awesome, my favorite time of the year! Our set was rad. So much positive feedback from friends and strangers. So that was really cool. 

Will you be touring in support of the record?
As of now, we are looking at doing a run of dates either in late spring or summer 2018
What are your loftiest goals for Attic Salt?
Take over the world? Nah, really we are just going to continue writing and playing music we love and like to play. If people like it, hey, that’s awesome!
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