Top Ten of 2017: Will Erickson of Team Tremolo

Team Tremolo is of Will Erickson’s pursuit of his true creative self. Returning to his wondered what first love, guitar, he is composing songs inspired by classic shoegaze influences and epic volume levels. Teaming with his bandmates from former band, Travel Guide, including bassist Caleb Drummond and guitarist Kristyn Chapman, as well as singer-songwriter Jenny Wood, Erickson soon tapped into the hazy, heavy sounds one hears on the Kansas-based outfit’s debut, Intruder.
Co-produced by Erickson and Micajah Ryan (Guns N’ Roses, Megadeth, Bob Dylan), Intruder is an album that showcases touchstones as broad as Sonic Youth, Failure and My Bloody Valentine.
Ghettoblaster recently caught up with Erickson, who offered top ten shoes to gaze if you are a shoegazer. The results are below.
Top 10 Shoes to Gaze:

  1. Air Jordans

Damn Daniel, those are some nice shoes.

  1. Vans

Classic. Says “I’m in a band” like none other on this list, and are usually quite dirty and torn up. If a person’s Vans are not dirty and/or torn up, you probably shouldn’t trust them.

  1. New Balance

I absolutely love gazing at a nice, fatherly pair of New Balance. Must have at least two kids to own a pair, though, so for now I’m just a window shopper.

  1. Converse

Tuck in those jeans, pull up those socks over the jeans, and you’re….something. Outdated, perhaps.

  1. Boots

My personal favorite. Loving looking at some grimy, torn up, smelly boots. My dog loves them too.

  1. Crocs

Much akin to a train wreck, these abominations are hard to witness, yet impossible to look away. Staring for too long may induce existential doubt in the meaning of the world. Hold your loved ones tight.

  1. Adidas

Do you smoke weed?

  1. Skate shoes

Chances are, you smoke weed.

  1. Botas tribaleras

If you don’t already know, these shoes slap. Probably the most insane footwear out there, and you can catch me gazing hard any time I see someone wearing these. Don’t mess with the pointy shoes, y’all.

  1. Boat Shoes

Gaze too hard at these slick puppies and you might go overboard. Watch out, Chad!
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