Top Ten of 2017: Shane Bordeau of Berry

Berry’s new LP, Everything, Compromised, drops in early 2018 on Joyful Noise Recordings.  The album is an eclectic mix of carefully structured songs, where pop melodies soar over shifting time signatures, dissonant harmonies, and a heavier-than-usual dose of diminished-seventh chords. Off kilter lyrics find meaning as they juxtapose such disparate characters as literary heroes like Henry David Thoreau with pop culture villains like Martin Shkreli.
In their decade and a half of playing together, Berry has found a way to marry meticulously detailed instrumentation with genuinely alluring pop. Bass player, Shane Bordeau, shares the top ten places Berry will relocate to if Trump is re-elected in 2020.
1) Canada
2) Mexico — before that wall goes up and keeps me out.
3) One of those cold Northern European countries with great healthcare.
4) An island in the Caribbean — not one of the U.S. ones that the government doesn’t give a shit about, though, because I like electricity.
5) Anywhere
6) One of the countries on the banned list so I never have the option to come back.
7) Is Elon Musk still accepting applications for people to fly to Mars?
8) Seriously, it doesn’t matter — I’ll go anywhere.
9) L.A. — by 2020, it should be separated from the U.S. by an earthquake or Eric Garcetti.
10) In regards to #8, maybe not North Korea.
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