Seven More Ohio Bands You Should Really Listen To

A few weeks ago I happened upon a list of Ohio bands people should listen to on the Paste Magazine website.  In addition to completely excluding Ghettoblaster’s homebase (Dayton), which I think sucks, there is a band or ten they overlooked.  So here is the fourth instalment of Ghettoblaster’s “Seven More Ohio Bands You Should Really Listen To Now.”
1. Mike Shiflet: Noisy landscapes that alternate between chaotic racket and dynamic droning.
2. Funerals: Moody and atmospheric EDM from a husband and wife duo with serious chops.
3. The Black Antler: Taking major cues from black metal, grind and hardcore, these dudes are pissed!!/pages/The-Black-Antler
4. EYE: Psychedelic rock from four of Ohio’s most proficient rockers!!/EYE00
5. The Sidekicks: Lean power pop with traces of Weezer influence.
6. Astro Fang: Scuzzy and infectious indie rock rompus.!/pages/ASTRO-FANG
7. Rad Company: Booze soaked party punks.
Seven more to come in the near future…