Seven More Ohio Bands You Should Really Listen To Now

Paste Magazine posted this — — which I happened across this week.  In addition to completely excluding Ghettoblaster’s homebase (Dayton), which I think sucks, there is a band or ten they overlooked.  So here is the first installment of Ghettoblaster’s “Seven More Ohio Bands You Should Really Listen To Now.”

  1. Hyrrokkin: This post rock leaning avant-jazz band has huge chops.
  2. Feathered Serpent: Tons of attitude and a skull-rattling Am Rep-inspired sound.
  3. Footbinder: Pulverizing math- and noise-rock inspired sonic experimentation.
  4. Neon Warship: Arena-ready stoner metal from the states finest heavy songwriters.
  5. Struck By Lightning: Destroys shit!
  6. Mixtapes: Adorable, poppy and heartfelt punk rock.
  7. Worship This!: Hardcore-inspired punk from the heart of the Midwest.

Seven more to come in the near future…