Seven More (Defunct) Ohio Bands You Should Really Listen To Now

Paste Magazine recently posted a feature on Ohio bands to watch, which I happened across a couple weeks ago. In addition to completely excluding Ghettoblaster’s homebase (Dayton), which I think sucks, there is a band or ten they overlooked. So here is the fourth installment of Ghettoblaster’s “Seven More Ohio Bands You Should Really Listen To Now.” This time all the bands are defunct. Should have caught them earlier…
1. Harriet The Spy: Kent State’s premiere art punks.

2. 9 Shocks Terror: Foul-mouthed, dangerous, and ready to f— stuff up!

3. The Six Parts Seven: Beautiful, expansive instrumental rock.

4. Ohio Casket: Has indie rock ever been so groovy?

5. A Ten O’Clock Scholar: Lock-step, bone-rattling post rock.

6. Teeth of the Hydra: If you don’t know why this rules you probably should be on this website…

7. Beast: Is it prog? Is it metal? Is it post rock? Does it matter?