Seven More (Defunct) Ohio Bands You Should Listen To

Paste Magazine posted this — — which I happened across this week. In addition to completely excluding Ghettoblaster’s homebase (Dayton), which I think sucks, there is a band or ten they overlooked. So here is the third installment of Ghettoblaster’s “Seven More Ohio Bands You Should Really Listen To Now.” This time all the bands are defunct. Should caught them earlier…
1. Six Gallery: Progressive guitar rock with heart.

2. Twelve Tribes: Cerebral, aggressive, creative, pre-metalcore.

3. Howlin’ Maggie: Dangerous alt-rock from Cowtown.

4. Brainbow: Instrumental post rock that fires all the right synapses.

5. Chargers Street Gang: Punk mayhem with teeth.

6. The Party of Helicopters: They created their own sound. And it ruled.

7. The Lack: Brain-melting, post-industrial howl.

Seven more to come in the near future…