Interview: Yann and Thibaut on the Falling Down Compilation Series

Yann and Thibaut are two bad ass French dudes who like killer music.  They like it so much that they’ve compiled IIV, the third edition in their  Falling Down series, which was released on April 30 in digipack 2xCD.  The collection included only unreleased tracks by bands as diverse as Julie Christmas, Mouth of the Architect, OCOAI, Rorcal, Black Sun, Terra Tenebrosa (with members of Breach!), The Winchester Club, Year of No Light/Mars Red Sky, Aidan Baker (of Nadja), Pelican, A Storm Of Light and more.  It is limited to 1,000 copies (and Mouth of the Architect told me they only have one left), so snatch it up with a quickness.  Or read this tagteam discussion we had with them about it and see what you are missing…
Where did the concept for the Falling Down compilations come from?
I think this came from mountains, or space, or of the deep inside. When you do something that doesn’t ring, in the ideals and thoughts, with the here down, it comes from elsewhere, or nowhere. (Thibaut)
Have you sold out of the previous versions of the compilation?
Well… almost, I assume. Every volume is limited to 1,000 copies: with the first volume, released some years ago, nobody knew us. With time, people have began to support us and been interested by our project (not to the point of obsessively posting some love letters about it, though): we currently sell differents packs. With this new, third volume, IIV, I think we’re going to sell our last copies of our previous volumes. So, it is a very limited number of people who can listen and see our works, And we love this idea. (Yann)
How do you choose the artists for the compilation?
We choose the artists according, of course, to opportunities, and especially our tastes, our feelings… We try to have a broad vision, while being consistent. Obviously, the idea is to have some great bands, renowned and relatively large, mixed with several less known, sometimes murky, bands which must necessarily be listened to, so they are wonderful. (Thibaut)

Is the content exclusive to the Falling Down compilations?

In 2007, the exclusive content was important, but not our main goal. We thought that two young unknown french men couldn’t expecting any miracles. At least not without some magnificent miracle by nature itself. It was the case. I don’t know precisely why, but the interest grew up. From the music lovers, and also from the musicians that we love considerably. We finally had the unbelievable pleasure to release some new previously unreleased tracks from bands like Kylesa, Amenra, Knut, Year of No Light, and so on.
After that, and also because unfortunately we have to live with our curious time, we decided that a compilation could not have any interest if there is not exclusive content. About the second volume, there was 80 percent unreleased tracks. About this new one, 100 percent, and this is fantastic.(Yann)
Which of the tracks from previous compilations was your favorite?
It’s really hard to talk about this in the sense that there are a lot of hours of music here, with different atmospheres. And we must say, I think that we have provided many things to appreciate, according to all kinds of elements; the dark and the blur can be wonderful turns. Whatever happens, I really liked the Ocoai tracks. (Thibaut)
Which track from this compilation is your favorite?
We have a special connection with these songs and even if we don’t like them all, the real investment of the musicians behind this project is priceless. I assume it is what they evoke for each of us that changes our perception of them. (Yann)
What is the best way for someone to get a copy?
The simple and short way is :