Epic Soundscapes of Personal Growth: An interview with The Burgeoning

The Burgeoning’s name represents their musical M.O.; they are a fresh take on what rock means in this generation’s musical landscape. The Philadelphia-based band’s never-ending pursuit of adventure and self-discovery drives their signature brand of pop influenced indie rock. The four-piece is made up of brothers Logan and Alex Thierjung on vocals and bass respectively, lead guitarist Mark Menkevich, and drummer Brandon Bradley.
The band’s sound is a mixture of the varied musical influences of its members. Logan’s admiration of trailblazing British indie rock manifests in his crunchy guitar riffs and, at times, delicate vocals while Brandon’s propulsive drumming is a result of his tenure performing with church groups as a teen. Mark’s guitar melodies reveal his love of all things Beatles, and Alex’s rumbling bass lines pay homage to the ’90s alt-rock giants who formed the genre.
Ghettoblaster recently spoke to the band about their new EP, Loud Dreams, which was self-released October 28. This is what Logan Thierjung told us.
When did you first begin writing the material for the new Loud Dreams EP
We started arranging these songs to be performed and recorded about two years ago. Some song ideas, such as “Rain” and “Lust Wander,” had been hiding in my back pocket from high school days until we all came together and finished them for this EP.
“Streets” was the last song recorded for the EP, and one of our newest. We wrote it in about 30 minutes one night while rehearsing in Mark’s childhood home.
This EP is the follow up to the Love Alchemy, Life Algorithm EP. When can we expect a full length out of you guys?
We are currently working on one more EP which will be a mix of songs recorded at various studios in the Philadelphia area along with some songs we recorded ourselves.
We have a bunch of song ideas on our shelf that we think would be perfect to create a cohesive LP full of epic soundscapes containing stories on personal growth, longing for love, tragedy, and redemption.
What musical influences drive you guys? 
We all draw from very different musical backgrounds. Alex and I grew up on weekly piano lessons and high school music programs like marching and jazz band.
Mark grew up working in a local music store picking up guitar licks off of old-school blues players jamming in the shop.
Brandon learned to play in his neighborhood North Philly drum line, then brought his chops to church and his high school jazz band where his playing was refined into the style he rocks today.
Despite the different backgrounds, we all found common ground in certain artists like Phoenix, Tame Impala, Last Dinosaurs, Sade, Coldplay, Twin Shadow, and Kanye West.
In a direct answer to the question: British Indie Rock, Hip-Hop, Blues, Classic Rock, Grunge.

What new artists are you listening to these days?
Mark has been digging Alabama Shakes and their Sound and Color album. I am feeling Anderson .Paak. Alex keeps blasting Vic Mensa. Brandon is praising Chance the Rapper and Twenty One Pilots.
We hear some of you were flown out to London to do a photo shoot for Jack Will’s. What was that like? Did it give you any aspirations for a modeling career?
The trip to London was surely unforgettable. Mark carried around his little acoustic guitar everywhere we went as an icebreaker to meet new people and we came up with a new song called Promises that we just finished recording for the new project. The whole vibe there was made so complete by walking around to our own live soundtrack inspired by what we were seeing and hearing.
I think the modeling aspect of the trip was a confidence booster. It felt good to be in front of the camera and have a director make you feel comfortable and natural. I don’t know if I’d pursue a separate modeling career, but I would totally try one in conjunction with my ongoing music career.
Do you have any plans for a U.S. tour? 
We are working towards a pretty heavy U.S. college tour in the spring, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @theburgeoning and subscribe to our mailing like on our website www.theburgeoning.com for updates on upcoming shows.
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