Best of 2016: Alex Bank Rollins of Take Over And Destroy

Take Over And Destroy (frequently abbreviated to TOAD) are a black ‘n’ roll group from Tempe, Ariz. Founded in 2008, they self-identify as “an American rock ‘n’ roll band from the 1970s trapped inside a Scandinavian metal band from the 1990s.” Conjuring influences far and wide, including Entombed, Sabbath, Kyuss and Kvelertak, the band pays homage to their forebearers while creating a sound that is wholly unique. Consider them the Wild Wild West’s answer to Entombed, with a sound shaped by the band’s unconditional love for Sabbath, Darkthrone, Kyuss and even horror film composer Ennio Morricone. Just like Norway’s Kvelertak, TOAD are happy to pay homage to their idols by way of a lightning-speed riff or booming battle cry; but rather than trace over their forebears’ blueprints, the band reinterprets them through a scorched, slow-burning lens: a crucible wholly unique to the Sonoran Desert.
The band recently release their third full-length on October 7 on new label home Prosthetic. The band cut the 10-track, self-titled release with producer (and one-time Ataris keyboardist) Bob Hoag at his Flying Blanket Recording studio in Mesa, Ariz.
Ghettoblaster recently caught up with TOAD’s Alex Bank Rollins to discuss his favorite releases of 2016. It went like this.
John Carpenter – Lost Themes II
He didn’t earn the nickname “The Horror Master” for nothing. A big part of what makes his classic ?lms so great is the atmosphere he creates with the use of music. Lost Themes I and II are staples for night drives while we’re on tour. We had the opportunity to see John play live here in Arizona, and it was one of the most moving, surreal experiences.
Nothing – Tired of Tomorrow
This album is gloomy, catchy, and beautiful, but it’s bleak as hell. It may have some dreamy qualities , but in reality it’s a nightmare. There’s something strangely comforting and calming about this album. The
Descendents – Hypercaf?um Spazzinate
This record is like seeing an old friend… with a shit load of good songs. They never disappoint.
Imperial State Electric – All Through the Night
An incredible rock’n’roll album that can surprise listeners on a couple tracks, but NEVER leaves out a blazing solo. Favorite song: Over and Over Again
Against Me! – Shape Shift With Me
Furious and a little depressing. This album services a majority of my weekly emotions.
Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression
It feels like songs from The Idiot, with the backing vocals of Lust for Life sung by The Queens of the Stone Age… It’s a fucking dream, and a pleasure.
G.L.O.S.S. – Trans Day of Revenge
5 ferocious songs in 7 minutes, and they already broke up. I get excited just typing that out.
Oozing Wound – Whatever Forever
It’s a raw, fast, lip curling album that’s guaranteed to please the ears of a thrash metal connoisseur. These Chicago residents are no bullshit and will de?nitely make your neighbors uncomfortable.
CONFRONTATIONAL – Kingdom of Night
It’s the perfect album for a person like myself, awake while the morning is dark and dreading the dawn driving to work.
Trap Them – Crown Feral
This is a band that has true grit. Hell, I just read about their singer Ryan jumping off an amp and breaking both his feet, and they’re still touring. There’s an unrelenting energy in every ounce of this album. The tone of every instrument, the performance from every member, and the compositions of each song are sharper than a butcher knife. They’re also on Prosthetic Records, so I’d say we’re in good company.

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