Soul Khan shares new single, "Shine"

Brooklyn-based artist Soul Khan has established a successful career and influential voice in hip-hop by incorporating socially conscious messages in his rhymes. A prominent battle rapper in NYC and member of the hip-hop collective Brown Bag Allstars, his unmistakable sound and lyrical flow give life to the sometimes serious, always earnest topics he explores.
From politics to pop culture, Soul Khan blends music and societal issues in a way that can touch and be embraced by all. His new single “Shine” is an uplifting track with a retro-soul influence, written to empower and celebrate individuality. According to the MC the song “is meant to assure people that who they are and what their life is dedicated to is meaningful, important and has value.” With witty references, pure intentions, and falsetto ad-libs for days, “Shine”, is the fresh shot of positivity the world needs.
The track is due out February 4 via Tommy Boy Entertainment and can be found here: