XETAS Premieres "The Future" Off The Album the Tower

(Photo: Julie Bishop)
Austin, Texas band XETAS is getting ready. The band is getting ready to inaugurate 2017 with its sophomore release The Tower, ten visceral tracks, to be released April 14 on 12XU Records.
“Propelled by a new drummer -O.D.J.- who will one day drum a hole to China solely using jazz brushes, XETAS seemingly are on a collision course with the halls of power, despite the absence of any campaign coordination with the Russian ambassador. Add in the blitzkrieg guitars, bass and vocals of D and K respectively and you’ve arrived at a collection of tools of the trade turned weaponized instruments the likes of which are sure to provoke many a sleepless night at NATO Headquarters. Recorded over a 24-hour period in the fall of 2016, the 37-minute, 10-track album was recorded in less than than 7 minutes –a testimony to the band’s energy and capacity for bending time and space after years of monastic devotion.”

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