Song Premiere | Todd Farrell Jr. “Can’t Sit Still”

Music is meant to touch us, and sometimes its embrace is unexpected reawakening imagery and emotions that have been long since forgotten. At its base level, it should be impactful in some way. If it doesn’t, there may be a problem.

Todd Farrell Jr. is the lead singer for the Nashville pop-punk act Benchmarks and with a couple of releases under its belt, the band has become notable in its penchant for writing clean and clever pop songs. With little fanfare, Farrell has been releasing music on his own, running concurrently along with the band. On his own, Farrell seems to reach a deeper range in his songwriting, delivering strong lyricism over a deliberate and punchy foundation. This past March saw the release of the 7-song Birds On Benches which was followed by a single just a couple of months later. He’s been busy.

Next month sees the release of The 1984 Draft / Todd Farrell Jr. (Poptek Records) split single and it doesn’t seem as if Farrell plans on slowing down anytime soon. Ahead of the release on September 2, 2022, he shares the single “Can’t Sit Still,” a stunning piece of pop art, detailing the struggle within and coping the only ways he knows how.

“This song has been popping around my brain in various forms and I never really felt like I could get it right. When Joe asked if I could provide the B-side to the new 84 Draft single, I finally buckled down and finished the arrangement. It was essentially recorded by myself in my living room, with Jack Whitis of Benchmarks flying in his bass parts from Denver, and Scotty Sandwich adding his brain and mixing it in North Carolina. As much as I love the concept of a ‘band,’ putting this one together gave me the confidence to start making music on my own, and using the internet to bring in my friends around the country. More like this on the horizon.” – Todd Farrell Jr.

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