The Mary Veils Shares “Bone Blossom Green”

Storming directly out of studios for the new year are a multitude of artists with a relentless need, an unquenchable thirst to hit proverbial streets with an abundance of sound with clear visions in an attempt to stand apart from the rest. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here and need to rewind this back a bit. Last year Philadelphia’s The Mary Veils teased with the 4-song EP release Somewhere Over The Rowhome, which delivered a stupor of gritty garage-induced tracks that challenged contemporaries with its freneticism.

The band takes the ahold of 2022 with news of its sophomore full-length release, Esoteric Hex LP (PNKSLM Recordings), which is expected to drop March 25, 2022. While this is the second album under the group name, this will be the first as a full band. What began as a solo project for Brian von Uff, has evolved to include drummer Evan Wall, guitarist Drew Mann and bassist Justin Mansor into the fold. While the inclusion of the musicians rounds out The Mary Veils’ sound, it also offers stability, maximizing on von Uff’s vision.

In anticipation of the new release, The Mary Veils has shared “Bone Blossom Green,” the first single off of the new release. Waves of synchronized guitar feedback open the track, reaching a direct crescendo before the rhythm section attacks as guitars make their way within. The quartet is fully in control of the song’s direction, which is held together by its punchy melody and thundering dynamics.

“‘Bone Blossom Green’ was based off a riff we had floating around for a while. Originally we thought it would just be that main riff, for the entirety of the song but it kind of took a different turn while writing. It was one of the more challenging ones for us to finish, but we think it really showcases us as a band, and in a way highlights how we’ve developed musical and what our sound has become.”

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