Song Premiere | The Mary Veils “Eyes”

The Mary Veils is no fly-by-night act to just come and go with an expiring shelf-life. The Philadelphia group that began as a solo project for Brian von Uff, has morphed & evolved into an actual group throughout the past couple of years to include members Justin Mansor, Andrew Mann, and Evan Wall, expanding on the group’s evocative sound, alluring listeners with its garage-inspired punk ethos. The Mary Veils bludgeon listeners into submission and are set to release its first full-length album, Esoteric Hex (PNKSLM Recordings) as a complete unit, on March 25, 2022. The album follows up its 2021 teaser, Somewhere Over The Rohome EP, a 4-song dirty and frantic excursion, completely unrelenting.

Today the band offers up the second single off of its forthcoming release, the edgy “Eyes.” The Mary Veils delivers another side of its songwriting prowess, still taking its cues from the thunderous punk outfits that came before it, – continuing to flourish while staunchly staying grounded in the present.

“The song is loosely based on something I read on Kelpius’s society of religious monks -a bunch of German doomsday fanatics from the 17th century who ended up living in a cave outside of Philadelphia. As well as incorrectly predicting the end of the world, Kelpius wrote his own music, and has been referred to as ‘Pennsylvania’s first composer.’ The riff was banging around for a while in my head, and we like the feeling of existential dread. Most people have eyes. Most use them for seeing. Believe half of what you see. Seeing isn’t always believing.” – Mary Veils

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