Song Premiere | Spoken Nerd x Juan Cosby “Snakeskin Elvis”

The 1980s have just come to a close as the 90s are filled with remnants of nostalgia as it moves into the future. There were the first hints of the internet with the creation of the first web server which was the foundation for the world wide web. Most importantly though, 1990 was also the year of Wild At Heart, starring Laura Dern and Nicholas Cage, a well-known name with his star set to ascend amongst the greats.

David Lynch (X-Files) wrote and directed the film, which was based on the 1989 novel of the same name. The story revolved around two star-crossed lovers, Sailor Ripley (Nicolas Cage) and girlfriend Lula Fortune (Laura Dern), with a parent’s constant attempt to keep the two apart. The film was far from a critic favorite, booed at Cannes, and received tepid reviews. But there was something that compelled viewers and Lynch fans to the film with its lurid extremities. This is the inspiration for “Snakeskin Elvis,” the new single by emcee / musician Spoken Nerd and Juan Cosby. The track is inspired by the film with Spoken Nerd’s descriptive words rallying around the ex-con fascination with Elvis, revolving prison doors, love, and recidivism. All of this over a morose backdrop – created by Cosby – which suits the lyricism. It’s descriptive and seems to match Lynch’s divisive and unruly road movie.

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