Song Premiere | Sparxsea, “Forever Love”

Portland, Maine indie folk-pop artist Sparxsea’s new single “Forever Love” is scheduled for release on November 10. This gentle and moving ode to love and the changing seasons of our lives was written in the aftermath of her mother’s sudden opioid death and a codependent and tumultuous seven-year relationship. 

“Forever Love” is brought to life by the sympathetically emotive drum work of Jerome Deupree (Morphine), the tender classical guitar picking of Tim Reynolds (Dave Matthews Band), and the steady hand of producers Will Bradford (SeepeopleS, TheWorst) and Will Holland (Pixies).

“‘Forever Love’ is about finding love within ourselves, and it was written after many years of depression from the tragic death of my mother,” Sparxsea says. “It took me years to realize I could heal my pain, loss, and trauma by allowing my stories to come to the surface instead of staying buried deep inside. For most of my life, I hid parts of myself and felt very alone. When I finally began to shine light into my darkness, I could feel love blooming from within. I believe that when we share our true selves, we create a world where it’s okay for everyone to do the same.”

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Photo by Sarah Violette