Song/Video Premiere: Endless Field, “Zim”

Based off collaborating instrumental guitar and bass, Endless Field play original songs filled with intricate finger-style lines, improvisation and ambient textures.  Jesse Lewis and Ike Sturm together seek to bring music to the outdoors, all while encouraging audiences to explore their own frontiers.

Endless Field has toured internationally in Italy, Norway and across the U.S., performing at Lincoln Center, the U.N., SubCulture and live on NPR’s Echoes Radio. Volunteer activities have involved Riverkeeper sweeps, Habitat for Humanity, university residencies and river cleanup projects. They have collaborated with jazz luminaries such as Theo Bleckmann, Ingrid Jensen and Donny McCaslin. In November 2018, Endless Field produced a benefit concert in New York City for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), featuring world-class ensembles led by Catherine Russell, Dave Douglas, Camila Meza and Fabian Almazan.

Slated for release this summer, Endless Field’s new album Alive in the Wilderness was recorded live in the Utah wilderness using a solar battery-powered mobile recording studio.  National Geographic photographers and videographers documented the duo’s adventure and will be donating all album proceeds to the Natural Resources Defense Council.  Today, Endless Field has dropped their video accompanying the single “Zim.”

Here’s the band on the single: “”Zim was recorded at nearly 9,000 ft on the edge of Grand Staircase and inspired by sounds heard in Zimbabwe. We had never taken this tempo so fast before – a new pulse took hold in the blaze of this exposed, windy cliff.

This was a fun day full of adventures. As our recording engineer was plugging in the gear a massive gust of wind came up from the canyon and lifted up the canopy he had set up for some shade. He grabbed its arms, trying to keep it from flying away into the canyon down below. We saw him hanging on and ran over to help bring it back down and mount it in place before it (and he) flew over the edge. “