Song Premiere: Truett, "Crown Of Thorns"

People often talk about musicians needing to “pay their dues” before they deserve success. Truett has paid his many times over; enough to treat himself and ten friends to an all expenses paid trip straight to the top. Sweating it out night after night in blues bars around the South, screaming into the bright lights and cigarette smoke like the ghost of Howlin’ Wolf, soloing until his hands bled hour after hour, roadhouse after roadhouse, mile after mile.
Years ago, when he was still just a boy, Truett was briefly kidnapped by Ron Pope and his band, The District. A child prodigy on guitar, Truett traveled around Georgia sitting in with the band (who had strict instructions from Truett’s mother to make sure he didn’t “drink, smoke, take drugs, or have sex”). That journey marked the beginning of a brotherhood that is finally bearing fruit with “Be Mine,” Truett’s debut single on Brooklyn Basement Records (co-written and produced by Pope). The song features Godzilla-sized guitar tone pummeling a larger than life riff, powered by an angular, sticky groove punctuated by Truett’s hell hound on my trail moan and mind bending guitar pyrotechnics.
Now signed to Pope’s label, Brooklyn Basement Records, Truett has released two singles titled “Be Mine,” and “Left In The Dark,” and will be releasing his debut EP on September 30 of this year.
Today, Truett premiere’s “Crown Of Thorns” today via Ghettoblaster Magazine. Enjoy it below:

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