Song Premiere: The Brazilian Gentleman “Cigarette Boats”

There are artists that push boundaries, edge away from mainstream standards, and focus on what makes them happy, creating a wide array of unique sounds, rhythms, and unbridled melodies & dissonance. Sometimes that’s all at once, at others…well, you get my drift here.

While I’m not at all certain yet where The Brazilian Gentleman fit in, I’m pretty sure it’s easy to surmise they don’t care about that either. Creating a new space where there was none, to begin with, is probably the goal they had in mind all along. It makes sense considering The Brazilian Gentleman are made up of Alap Momin (MRC Riddims, ex-dälek noise manipulator), Christian Alexander (Hex Inverter, End Christian, C Trip A), Merc Anthony (also Merc Yes, MRC Riddims), as well as Brian Doherty and Joshua Booth. There’s no room for half-stepping with undetermined ideas and with the group’s new album out today, L&L (Internet & Weed), they’ve combined talents for something quite special.

The album is a complete mind-melding endeavor, floating, allowing more mind fuckery without need of chemical substances. The group offers up it’s single here “Cigarette Boats” combining both melody and dissonance all at once. Of the single, the group offers:

“‘Cigarette Boats’ was inspired from my many trips to Harlem to work on music. Watching boats doing crazy wake jumps in the Harlem River was something I found inspiration in. Do Cigarette Boats actually exist? I don’t know… I just thought it sounded like some Miami Vice shit. It fit the vibe of the tune. I love the Led Zep “All of My Love”vibes Merc brings to the track with the keys.”

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