Video Premiere: Teleportal, "The Organizer"

One of the most distinct tidbits about Teleportal’s Beth Liebling and Johnny Rossa is they have been friends for some time, yet just started playing music together recently.  When the decision was reached that they should collaborate, the duo went to Gravity Studios in Wicker Park, Chicago and worked with producer Doug McBride (Veruca Salt, Smashing Pumpkins).  The chemistry between the two was dynamic and couldn’t be ignored any longer; they explored honing on various sounds and recording techniques.

To help flush out their vision that they had been working on, Liebling and Rossa enlisted the services of James Bourland on guitar and Ric Peterson on drums. Bourland added a landscape of sonic exploration with an ever-growing pedalboard. He creates unique sounds and constantly evolving textures. Peterson has a unique style all his own, more like a galloping horse than a click track pro.  Rossa brings the listener into his other worlds, some bright and beautiful while others are dark and unnerving. Liebling wants to take it low, a constant rumble that beckons you.

On October 18th, Teleportal released Devour.  Today, the band is premiering the video the single “The Organizer,” a clip that delivers perfectly with the holiday.  The experimental/brooding instrumentals conjure up ominous guitar riffs, agonizing vocals, and heavy drumming while the backdrop of the video is menacing.