Song Premiere: Tanimura Midnight, "Kowloon"

Swedish Columbia’s owner Shelby Cinca (Frodus, The Cassettes, Triobelisk) returns to the music world with a new Tanimura Midnight album, Diamond Dragon, as well as new project Catbeats being released soon.
Today, Ghettoblaster is premiering the single coming off of Diamond Dragon “Kowloon”.  While still immersed in the synth-tastic 80’s cinematic scores of John Carpenter, Jan Hammer, and Vangelis that fans come to be obsessed over, there’s strong Asian influence as well as acoustic instruments within “Kowloon”.
Cinca said of the album, “With this release, I went back to the first two releases of Tanimura Midnight, which was fully inspired by my love of the writing of William Gibson’s Cyberpunk novels and memories of my time in Japan. I used a few virtual Asian instruments as well as the sounds of the Yamaha DX7 (classic 80’s new wave keyboard).”
In other words: Cinca has delivered another mind-altering album for fans to enjoy.
Diamond Dragon is available today on cassette and digital.