Song Premiere | Spoken Nerd “Power Walker”

It’s no secret that the Halloween season is in fact one that Spoken Nerd loves and is fascinated by. He shares another song inspired by the season and dark films. He explains his new track in his own words.

My new song, “Power Walker” is inspired by the Halloween movies of the 1980s.  When you’re a  go-getter like Micheal Myers, you’ve got to consider your health.  For my second installment of my monthly film inspired song series, I present to you a Halloween workout jam. Let’s face it, we’ve all taken in more calories as the weather has cooled down and it’s a great time to get out and power walk in the cold to keep our weight right just like Michael Myers would do. I open the song with a fitness meditation as we bring in the synths to give the listener an intense and creepy fitness experience as they power walk through their neighborhood at dusk.

John Carpenter is a master of synthesizers ranging from complex musical masterpieces to the minimalist earworms that have stuck with us and defined the sound of the slasher genre throughout the decades.  We wanted to capture that feel and blend in a workout tempo with raps.  My hope is that this song plays in the headphones of power walkers across the world for years to come.

I’ve always admired Michael’s hustle as he strolls across the counties of Illinois like he’s Peter Jenkins on his walk across America. There is a certain desperation that can only be achieved by walking alone at night.  Not walking because you choose to, not alone by choice but out of necessity.  It’s a feeling that I came to know in my early 20’s from living in rural areas and driving unreliable cars that were constantly breaking down on late night drives leaving me stranded.  No!  Not stranded, just alone with the resource of two legs and a will to “Power Walk.”

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