Song Premiere: Simulated Sun, "The Emergence"

Dave Farina, lead singer and experimentalist behind electronic/minimal techno outfit, Simulated Sun, has written a love letter to Blade Runner, with his debut EP, Ignition, out May 10. Farina uses the synthesizer as his lead instrument in Simulated Sun, which is only fitting, given that its mechanism is traditionally an imitation of musical instruments and naturally occurring sounds, such as ocean waves

Ruminating on science and technology, and blending themes of futurism and nostalgia on Ignition, classically trained pianist and drummer, Farina, fixates on eschewing the current “press play” approach to live electronic music. Instead, Farina looks to Frank Zappa’s model of rotating musicians, valuing live performance, discipline and composition over everything.

Ignition espouses retrofuturism and synthwave, brushing elements of psych and progressive rock with traces of dark wave. Farina embraces futurism and humanity through sci-fi, literal science and abstraction. The EP was self-produced by Farina, recorded at Revolution 9 in Hollywood, mixed by Daniel Balistocky, and Headwest Studios, and mastered by Dan Long (Local Natives, Kevin Devine, Lodge 49). 

Today, Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of premiering “The Emergence.” This is what Farina had to say about it:

“The emergence of mankind as a space faring civilization was the most historic event of the 21st century. It will be remembered as the moment when humans left the cradle of cosmic infancy, stepping boldly into an adolescence with as of yet unknown consequences. This instrumental track is a sonic poem commemorating this paradigm shift in human consciousness, and a foreshadowing of what we may someday become.”

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