Song Premiere: Seán Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band “Turn That Wall Into A Door (Jai Ganesha)”

New Orleans’ Seán Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band honor, interpret, and express spiritual mantra music from the traditions of yoga and beyond through the depth and authenticity of their own American and ancestral roots. In 2005, Seán founded the band as a post-hurricane Katrina philanthropic music project, raising funds across the country for relief from the devastation of the storm. The theme of searching for grace and inspiration amidst challenge and destruction has permeated their music ever since. The band features vocalist/lyricist/harmonium player Seán Johnson, Alvin Young on six string fretless bass and electric guitar, and percussionist/vocalist Gwendolyn Colman. Their music merges ancient mantras; sacred chants from around the world, conscious lyrics, and roots, rock, gospel, and global grooves. Known for creating interactive, soul-stirring songs to dance and sing along with, as well as to grieve and heal, their music has been embraced around the globe. 

Today, Seán Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band have released the single “Turn That Wall Into A Door (Jai Ganesha),” an inspiring, hopeful anthem for awakening the courage to flip the script and celebrate new beginnings. The band said to us about the single, “I hope that listeners can turn to this song to mark a new beginning, a step forward. I hope that the song can be a reminder to embrace the unique spirit in each of us, to dance and smile in the face of adversity. Lastly, I hope this is a song to turn to, sing and dance along with, and to lean on when you need some juice, inspiration, and courage to get through tough times.” 

“Turn That Wall Into A Door (Jai Ganesha)” is the first single from their upcoming release, Mystery, a rootsy devotional album that explores themes of doubt, sparks of faith, and evokes a sense of fierce trust in the fertility of darkness, in what cannot be seen or explained. This collection of mantra and chant-based spiritual songs addresses the current challenges of our time and offers inspiration to kindle the courage to move through the unknown. Through song, the album honors the wild and mysterious ways of spirit, an often hidden and unnamable force that can feel so distant, and yet in time can secretly heal a wound, mend a broken heart, and restore our humanity.

Seán Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band will be hosting an online performance of the song via a Zoom gathering to celebrate the debut on Friday, May 7, 2021.  For a complete list of upcoming performances and events, visit

Photo Courtesy: Bonnie Gustin