Song Premiere | Se Vende, “The Sad Part”

Formed in 2010 by guitarists Jonny Cuz and Collin Smith, Se Vende released their first album, Pour Me… Some Coffee, in 2013. The intervening years were marked by drug use and jail time that prevented the band from exploring its full potential. Now, focused, and with the addition of Ono Senteno on drums, Se Vende delivers dirty, crusty pop punk in San Diego, California — a raw sound that is tight, without too much of the glossiness that can risk sterilizing emotions.

Drawing influence from such well-known legends as Jawbreaker, Fifteen, and RVIVR, Se Vende emerge in a haze of alternately jangling and buzz saw guitars driven by the rhythm section. Lyrically, Se Vende covers the continuum of the human experience, from hopeless drug addiction to hope for the future, without romanticizing either. They simply state the facts and encapsulate both the desperation and optimism that make up their own stories.

Today, the band shares “The Sad Part,” from their forthcoming LP, Happy Accidents.

“This song is about the obsessive thoughts that can creep into your mind when life is uncomfortable or even when life is going good,” Smith says. “Feelings of inadequacy, feelings of being unlovable, loneliness, depression, and anxiety. It’s about how they can take over your mind to where you feel it in your heart and start to believe the nonsense in your brain. It’s about not being able to let those thoughts go and getting lost in the endless cycle of insane chatter between your ears. It’s something that I’ve found myself doing some years back, and find myself doing in this moment as I write this.”

Happy Accidents, which will see release on limited vinyl via Paper Street Cuts on December 2 was recorded, mixed and mastered by Luke Henshaw (Sonido de la Frontera, Planet B, Satanic Planet) and Matt Coleman (DJ Unite, Sonido de la Frontera) at Penguin Studios in San Diego. Preorder here.

Upcoming shows:

Dec 6 – Fullerton, CA @ Programme skate and sound

Dec 7 – San Pedro , CA @ The Sardine

Dec 8 – Phoenix, AZ @ Yucca Tap Room

Dec 9 – Tucson, AZ @ Groundwork’s

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Photo by Becky DiGiglio