Song Premiere: Sara Rachele + The Skintights, "You're Not A Rebel, Your'e A Hypocrite"

The Skintights were born out of wedlock, on the dusty road from show to show. Sara Rachele and wWaylon were out on an East Coast tour, after their drummer joined the Navy, the simple pair made frantic calls to Gyasi Heus for help. He came in on the touring side, and the Skintights materialized out of pure musical frustration, hotel jock-itch and gear-shoulder.
When Sara Rachele + the Skintights recorded their debut release out in the Joshua Tree desert, all bets were off. A little wacky summertime Ramones, a little Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra, the combination of wWaylon and Rachele is a musical clash of old country and rock ’n’ roll ear candy. And the erratic licks of Gyasi Heus glue the whole thing together into a fun, honest and passionate release.
New track “You’re Not A Rebel, You’re A Hypocrite,” from the Motel Fire LP released via Angrygal Records, features her Skintights bandmate wWaylon taking over lead vocals for a fuzzed-out, rallying cry against the misogyny and rape-culture of the music industry, and society at large. It’s about being an ally and speaking out in condemnation instead of remaining silent.

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