Song Premiere: Roselit Bone, "A Word For Blue"

Roselit Bone is a seven-piece gothic country band who are set to release Crisis Actor next week on Get Loud Recordings. The Portland-based band sounds like what would happen if you play Johnny Cash and Joy Division albums at the same time, or as their bio describes them “somewhere between a demented Roy Orbison and an angelic Gun Club.”

Their upcoming release laces vignettes of systemic violence, sexual confusion, and class warfare with a wry, suicidal humor straight from the gut of America. Crisis Actor was recorded in Oregon City, Oregon, at Supernatural Sound, and was mixed by Noah Georgeson (Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom).

The band will be celebrating the release of their new album with an expansive tour itinerary (dates below):

Today, Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of sharing “A Word For Blue” from the record.

Tour Dates:

7.17 – Portland OR at Polaris Hall

     – w/Lavender Country

7.18 – Seattle WA at Belltown Yacht Club

     – w/Peyote Ugly, Bad Blood, Flesh Produce

7.19 – Willamina OR at Wildwood Music Fest

7.20 – Eureka CA at Sirens Song

     – w/ Moon Pine, Velvet Worm

7.21 – San Francisco CA at Amnesia

     – w/Hangtown, Bubba Rose & the Delta Downs

7.22 – Sacramento CA at Shady Lady

7.23 – Los Angeles CA at Harvard & Stone

     – w/Premonitions

7.24 – Costa Mesa CA at Wayfarer

     – w/Storm House, Jail Weddings

7.25 – Tucson AZ at EXO Bar

     – w/Ex Cowboy

7.26 – Las Cruces NM at Art Obscura

     – w/Shirley Shrimp

7.27 – Truth or Consequences NM at T or C Brewery

7.28 – Madrid NM at Mineshaft Tavern

7.30 – Denver CO at Tooey’s w/Kinky Fingers, Fast Eddy

7.31 – Salt Lake City, UT at Rye Diner & Drinks

8.1 Boise ID at Neurolux

8.14 Bend OR at Old St Francis

8.15 Troutdale OR at Edgefield Little Red Shed

8.16 McMinnville OR at Hotel Oregon

8.18 Bothell WA at Anderson School Courtyard

8.19 Tacoma WA at Elks Lodge Spanish Ballroom

8.20 Centralia WA at Olympic Club

8.21 Kalama WA at Harbor Lodge

8.22 Portland OR at Kennedy School Gym

8.23 Forest Grove OR at Grand Lodge

9.17 Wichita KS at Kirby’s Beer Store

9.18 Tulsa OK at Whittier Bar

9.19 Austin TX at TBD

9.20 New Orleans LA at One Eyed Jacks

     – w/Esqueleto, Blind Texas Marlin

9.21 Hammond LA at the Spot

9.22 Nashville TN at Sweetwater

9.23 Knoxville TN at Preservation Pub

9.27 Madison WI at Art In

9.28 Minneapolis MN at Eagles Lodge

9.30 Missoula MT at Clyde Coffee

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