Song Premiere: Robert Poss, ex-Band Of Susans, Shares "The Sixth Sense Betrayed"

Those familiar with Robert Poss know his name is synonymous with that of Band Of Susans, the outfit his guitar would be found swirling notes and sonic sculptures around. The NYC band performed together for the better part of a decade before disbanding. Before he’d ever thought of forming the band, his resume reached further than many even know, collaborating with the likes of Rhys Chatham and after the B.O.S dissolution he’d collaborate with Nicolas Collins, Wire’s Bruce Gilbert, Ben Neill, David Dramm and Phill Niblock, among others.
While Poss has recorded & performed with Rhys Chatham, Robert Longo, and Band Of Susans co-founder Susan Stenger, it hasn’t halted his own output of releases. Frozen Flowers Curse The Day will be Robert Poss’ fourth solo release, out August 3rd, 2018 on his own Trace Elements label. Steve Albini told The Wire that Robert “…is an
enormously underrated guitar theorist. A lot of his approaches to the density of guitar are completely overlooked in any discussion about guitar…The way he structures the song around the drone instead of finding a drone to fit into the song I think is wholly unique.” That’s as best a description as anyone will ever get of Poss’ genius.
Today Robert Poss premieres “The Sixth Sense Betrayed,” which fully continues to mark out the majestic kaleidoscope of sounds he’s known for instilling within his compositions.