Song Premiere: Reuben and the Dark, "Arms Of A Dream"

Reuben and the Dark, the spirited folk-rock outfit led by songwriter/vocalist Reuben Bullock, is a contemplative, passionate, and expansive endeavor that showcase’s Bullock’s songwriting and has earned comparisons to contemporaries like Vance Joy, Bright Eyes and Matt Corby. Reuben and the Dark release their new album, Arms of a Dream, on May 4 via Arts & Crafts.
Arms of a Dream finds Reuben and the Dark working outside its comfort zone, both musically and lyrically. The result is Bullock’s most vivid and transformative music to date: an intimate exploration of the inversion of imagination and reality in dreams.
Today the band premiere’s the album’s namesake, “Arms Of A Dream,” via Ghettoblaster. This is what Bullock had to say about it:
“The album was already titled Arms Of A Dream before this song was written. Those words have been floating around for a long time. They come from an old poem I wrote. A bridge between what is real and what is not. The extension of a fantasy or imagination. To be held in the arms of a dream. The original song was recorded to be more of a ‘single,’ but that version ended up being scrapped. It just felt better in the deconstructed, experimental form it landed on in this recording.”
Enjoy it below:

The album will be available on LP, CD and digital formats, plus a limited edition of 100 white vinyl available by pre-order only.
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