Song Premiere: Reagan Bombs "Red Thumb"

It’s hard to place Washington, D.C.’s own Reagan Bombs in any musical category.  Composed of DJ/Producer Tittsworth (who has worked with such artists as Q-Tip, Theophilus London, Kid Sister and Pitbull) and DJ/Screenwriter Scott Sanders (Black Dynamite, Thick As Thieves), the duo have spawned a hybrid sound that infuses their hometown’s brand of percussive funk known to many as Go-Go music.  What’s even more intriguing about Reagan Bombs is that they don’t go about recording their music normally.  Tracks are built using samples of other live musicians and using contrasting sources to conceive dazzling tunes.  Sounds found from various outlets, interview snippets, and classic VHS tapes are just some of Reagan Bombs tools.
Today, Ghettoblaster is proud to share the single “Red Thumb”, which will be on Reagan Bombs upcoming album S/T.
Here’s a quote from Tittsworth about the backstory of “Red Thumb”:
Scott and I both really dig a lot of percussive Indian music. Noticing a lot of similarities with go-go, we thought it would be cool to see how the go-go pocket combines with the Indian approach to tablas, dhols, etc. So we laid down most of the song w/ Stomp, Smoke and Shelby, then in true globalization fashion, used fiverr to get a tabla player on the track. A lot of folks have said this is their fav on the LP. Also as a result, I would travel to India to play & record drummers in makeshift studios out of hotel bathrooms:
(To see the makeshift studio mentioned above:
Oh, and the vocal is a go-go commercial, reversed. DC turned accidental dancehall.”

Reagan Bombs S/T is released on  June 9th via Swedish Columbia in cassette and digital.
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