Song Premiere: Pocket Hole, “Self Indulgent“, “Catch & Release”

Pocket Hole started in August of 2017 and consists of Ryan Nolen (guitar/vocals), Jin Salamack (Bass), Ian Brazill (Drums), and Kelly Dinh (Keys). The band began as a trio, with Kelly joining after the release of the Marine Layer EP.  According to the band, their similar social circles merged at times when studying at San Diego University.  Once it was discovered there was the passion for music, the members of Pocket Hole began to slowly come together.

Pocket Hole push themselves to be more ambitious than most around them;  the evidence is proven in today’s double single release of “Self Indulgent” and “Catch & Release.”

Here’s vocalist/guitarist Ryan Nolan on the singles:

“Self Indulgent”: This came as an idea in the middle of the night. I hated my job (lol I hate all my jobs, but who doesn’t?) and I tried to make the intro of Self Indulgent convey the horror I was feeling. I think these lyrics reflect the relationship you have with all the negatives, fears, devils, etc. you have within you; at least that’s what I was aiming to get across. I obviously was trying to be tongue in cheek-y too. You’re sitting there being with all your evils and it’s rabbit holing, you’re drinking about it, and you’re like “damn, I am wasted and scared!!!” lol. When this was written, it was certainly intended to be a drinking song – a fun song. 

“Catch & Release”: I’m happy we’re finally getting this one out because this was one of the first songs we had written as a band; probably the second after New Apartment. I think this song was written with multi-meaning behind its words, but mostly it’s just a song about feeling trapped and unable to move on. It’s another one about heartbreak and feeling stifled. Kind of written through the lens of standing somewhere and shouting out to no one; anyone who will hear really. “Catch & Release” is basically just the sad cousin of “I Want to Break Free” by Queen.

We caught up with the band to learn more about the singles:

We are excited to be debuting two new singles today! What inspired you to go for the double-single release, as opposed to releasing them one at a time?

I think we were just ready to get these songs out there. “Catch & Release” is one of the oldest songs we have and “Self Indulgent” is one of the more recent songs we have. They’re texturally different, but it felt right to pair them up. 

“Self Indulgent” has a very fresh sound, some great keyboard tones, the track altogether has a lot of urgency. It reminds me of The Hush Sound. What inspired this track?

Thanks, we appreciate it. This one came as an idea in the middle of the night. I was sort of in a frenzy and the intro progression came to my head…. The song is certainly about a sour relationship with drinking. Our friend Mike (Altergott) who mixed these songs came up with the lead line, and I felt like it added to the craziness the track tries to convey.

“Catch and Release” is a smooth, almost shoegaze-pop jam, it’s a nice fit with “Self Indulgent”. What artists inspired this one?

Definitely listening to a lot of Beach Fossils and Real Estate at the time this was written. 2017 was a big year for this kind of music, and I think it made its lasting impression.This is one of the first Pocket Hole songs written, probably second after New Apartment. It’s really just the sad cousin of Queen’s “I Want to Break Free.”

How does living in California (especially in the current climate) affect your music?

I don’t really think it does, at least I don’t think we consciously think about that when writing songs.

What should we expect from the band for the rest of this year and into 2021?

These two songs are the last we have recorded for the time being. We’re excited about the way they turned out. With coronavirus, and Ryan living in the midwest, the trajectory of the rest of the year and beyond is pretty hard to predict. But hopefully we get back to a safe & healthy place sometime soon.