Song Premiere: Pet Fangs, "Afterglow"

Mixing the stomp and swagger of a rock ‘n roll band with the danceable drama and rule-breaking spirit of pop music, Pet Fangs bridge the gap between old and new, raw and refined, organic and digital. Nodding to a range of influences — from Prince to T Rex to Let’s Dance-era David Bowie — members of the band having logged time in the touring bands for artists like Ryan Adams, Marc Broussard, and Grace Potter. Together, though, they are something more: a tight-knit, democratic unit of musicians whose new songs are bigger, bolder, and broader than anything they’d created before.
Pet Fangs’ music represents something new. It’s equal parts attitude, atmosphere, and adventurousness, glued together by four songwriters whose rock ‘n roll pedigree lends edge and electricity to their spacey pop music.
Today the band premieres their sultry and groovy track “Afterglow” and this is what Pet Fangs’ Joe Stark had to say about it:
“‘Afterglow’ was a title that our producer/engineer had passed along to me. Ben had a four-track recording of that keyboard melody. One night I went up to my music room and recreated it with a shitty Casio loop and wrote a lyric to it. When we all got in the studio together we managed to take elements from both mine and Ben’s [Alleman] demos. The way the chords switch underneath the changes at the end was a little bit of a shit show, but we figured it out. We had this picture up of that model Allesandra Ambrosia on the studio wall when it all came together. We might have to give her a co-production credit. “

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