Song Premiere: Origamibiro Shares “Fracture”

Change is always inevitability, but with it comes growth. It’s been over 6 years since anything was heard from the European Origamibiro, a project that consisted of core members Tom Hill, visual artist and filmmaker The Joy Of Box, and multi-instrumentalist Andy Tytherleigh. After the release of three proper albums and one remix, the project has what they say, organically reverted back to the solo pursuits of composer Tom Hill. Andy Tytherleigh though has still remained a strong collaborator within Origamibiro.

Origamibiro does things differently. There’s no one genre or style it fits in comfortably within, allowing it the freedom to slip in and out seamlessly through a few different ones. The new album Miscellany (Denovali) is set to be released on March 26, 2021, and while at times the music may sound “glitchy,” its instrumentation is organic, allowing for it to comprise a varied mixture of work, ranging from electroacoustic to orchestral chamber music. There’s an array of experimentation running throughout but structured in a finely tuned setting., which can be heard on the single “Fracture.” We find it piano wrapped around steady percussion and strings, without much else needed.

Of the song, Origamibiro shares:

“I wrote this on a piano and a viola da gamba. Well, two pianos, if you count the rhythms, which were made using parts from an old upright I demolished to repurpose the parts. Some samples were taken while it was being dismantled, others used components as percussion, like sticks, brushes and textures.”

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