Song Premiere: UK Art-Punk Mush Share, "Eat The Etiquette"

The Leeds-based Mush is no stranger to creating left-of-center arrangements, literally straying from creating straight-forward compositions for pop snoozefests. The group’s latest offering released back in May, Induction Party, was filled with odd vocal deliveries, disjointed dueling guitars, and at times is accentuated with frenetic rhythms. There’s nothing quite like a band that stands apart from its contemporaries. Beefheartian influences are made their own as the band ducks and dives headfirst into deep waters without lifeguards on duty, and giving not one fuck what we all may think. But it’s good. Damn good.

The quartet is set to drop its full-length debut, 3D Routine (Memphis Industries), in February of 2020 with eyes wide open. In anticipation of the album’s release, the band shares a punked-up “Eat The Etiquette,” moving at warp speed, obliterating everything in its path.

‘Eat the Etiquette,’ is described by vocalist/guitarist Dan Hyndman as “a bit of a stream of consciousness type rant”, which takes aim at the use of ‘common sense’ as societal weapon; the “sick laughing track of malicious intent” making a mockery of progressive ideas, while “manufactured sense” helps maintain the underlying and iniquitous structures of wealth and power.

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