Song Premiere: Moon & Star, “Winds Will Change”

Inara George, well-known for being the vocalist for The Bird and The Bee, has kicked off a series of singles titled “Road Angel Project.”  All proceeds from the project are  being donated via a partnership with Sweet Relief Covid-19 Musician’s Fund, which gives assistance financially to career musicians and workers in the music industry who have lost income due to the global pandemic.   “All of those people who work at venues booking shows, stage managing, bartending, lighting, mixing sound, and on and on… Sweet Relief is set up to help all of these workers during this crisis and also any other crisis that might come,” George says.

The installments of “Road Angel Project” have enlisted tracks from the likes of Dave Grohl, Alex Lilly, Danielle De Andrea (featuring Larry Goldings) and Mike Viola.  Today, Moon & Star are featured on Volume 3 with their single “Winds Will Change.”  From start to finish, the duo’s gentleness guides along with the instrumentals and vocals.

The song “Winds Will Change” by Moon & Star was inspired by and written for the Road Angel Project, according to Mathia Gavriel and Jenny Karr. In late June 2020 they decided to temporarily leave Los Angeles with only one suitcase each. “Being closer to family in Italy felt important to us during these uncertain times. When we arrived, we found ourselves in an old countryside villa in the region where the first Covid-19 lockdown took place. Confined in the house with its high ceilings, empty halls, and lots of reverb, we took a guitar, microphone and a vintage Italian organ, and during stormy summer nights the melodies and lyrics to ‘Winds Will Change’ came into our minds. To us this song is about finding hope and having faith even in the most challenging times because you can find beauty, love, and support when you least expect it.”

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