Song Premiere: Michelle Mandico Shares "Giant Love"

On occasion, a musician, an artist, will plow through a song, sowing seeds to bloom into something magnificent. Colorado native and Nashville transplant Michelle Mandico seems capable of doing that with every note she plucks from her guitar every step of the way. Her songwriting evokes emotions on different levels, which is what music should do. Good, bad, happy, or sad, whatever she’s giving is certainly going to make listeners feel. Michelle is releasing her new album Ptarmigan, written over the course of 2 years, this June. In anticipation of the album, she premieres “Giant Love,” which stuns with pedal steel and banjos. It seems Michelle’s search for her country roots has already been well established deep within her soul. Nashville is just the place for her to amaze others with her talent and sweet voice.
About “Giant Love,” Michelle says, “At shows, I always preface this song by saying that I’m going to sing about Jack and the Beanstalk…which people often find amusing. It helps that I’m a school librarian and one of my exes is named Jackson! But in truth, I’ve always loved how fairytales transcend time with imagination. When I wrote it, the lyrics and melody fell out pretty naturally because I had a story to reference, and I wanted to tell a “grown-up” version while still keeping it light.” She adds, “It’s a single-take that we tracked live in a home studio and it was the first time the players got together. There was no click, no tuning, and no comping because my guitar and vocals, upright bass, pedal steel, and banjo were all in the same room. The cherry on top was having Luther Dickinson overdub mandolin! I definitely got lucky with some magic musicians as they brought the song to life with the same playful energy I used to write it.

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