Song Premiere: McKinley Dixon "Anansi, Anansi"

McKinley Dixon has been a long-standing member of his community and we all should trust in the process when it’s said, this young man isn’t your average emcee. He was born and raised in Maryland before relocating to the Richmond, Virginia area where he began playing and performing in a number of different bands, fusing together rap and jazz. Dixon is far more than just an emcee; he is a lyricist, a poet, and a unique artist that may very well be unclassifiable.

In 2016 he released his first mixtape, Who Taught You To Hate Yourself?, chronicling the life of a young black male as he deals with the gritty reality of his own surroundings. Dixon later followed that up in 2018 with his coming-of-age-memoir The Importance of Self Believe.

Both releases set the groundwork for his latest effort, the ninth installment of Saddle Creek’s Document series. The new 7″ single “Anansi, Anansi” b/w “Wit These,” is set for release on September 20th, and is probably something of the likes you’ve never heard. Filled with gorgeous harmonies, free-flowing drums, and percussion, Dixon obviously has his own formula he’s created and is working with. Today Dixon shares his new “Anansi, Anansi”

Of the music, McKinley Dixon has this to say:

‘Lead track “Anansi, Anansi” is inspired by a character in West African folklore that’s known for being an exquisite storyteller. He is also seen as a symbol of slave resistance and revolt, often using his sharp tongue and quick wits to deceive his oppressor. “I liken the way he is passed along orally, the way he is told to children,” said Dixon, “and what he stands for with my ideologies and the resilience of the caged bird, and concrete flower.”‘

To purchase, you can go here.

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