Song Premiere: Marc UÅ "Lake Acid"

Monikers don’t always give clues as to what music will sound like. With Refused being the most notable act to cross over into American culture, they’ve brought a ruckus from Sweden, showcasing the country’s hardcore intensity like none have ever seen before. The same could be said of Marc Strömberg, the Swedish musician/artist who previously channeled his energy into Same Sex, and now records as Marc UÅ for his synth-core endeavor.

The Marc UÅ name is wrapped around the hard-edged solo project that blisters with intensity. Combining mechanical synth-heavy electronics into the cacophony of his hardcore roots makes for a more than an interesting combination of obliterating any preconceived notions of what either genre should sound like.

Marc is set to drop his new release Horus Torus (Swedish Columbia) on Friday, February 28 and on tracks like “Pull The Sprint,” guitars are eschewed in lieu of synths, with keys taking over where guitars might traverse. “Pop! Pop! Pop!” sounds off with a freneticism moving much like a weapon. Vocals and lyrics are a useless distraction throughout. The release will be available in limited cassette and digital.

Today Marc shares the new single, “Lake Acid,” possibly the most intensified song on the release.

Of “Lake Acid” and the Horus Torus, Marc offers:

“This song is all built around the main riff. I just wanted to make a face punch of a song. No tricky parts, no showing off. Simply an “ACTION” song. I overdubbed the MS-20 with a really mean metal guitar that creates this unique sound heard all over this album. The verses have a pretty fun floor tom rhythm, getting hit just in-between the straight 1-2-3-4 beat.”

“I have often put layers upon layers previously, but this record is more stripped-down, and still sounds WAY heavier than most of my previous work. I also put a lot more electric-guitar to dub some synths, which
created this crunchy guitar-synth hybrid.”

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