Song Premiere: Looms, “A Quieter Way”

Having carved a reputation of being a rather creative guitar and keys player within the New York borough of Brooklyn, Looms’ songwriter Sharif Mekawy found himself living in isolation long before COVID occurred.  He just found himself trying to configure life after his relationship ended as soon as he arrived back from an extensive tour.  With the gripping clutches of seclusion well within its state of residency, Mekawy found solace within writing up on his roof.  The month-long process results have become the inspiration of Looms’ latest LP, The Way Up, via Good Eye Records. 

Today, Looms have released a stand alone single from their recent album release “A Quieter Way.”  Starting with the christening sound of birds chirping, guitar riffs come in with a sense of tranquility and impulsiveness.  Around the two-minute mark, booming drums make their presence felt with Mekawy’s leisurely singing.

Mekawy says about the single, “I usually write in pieces, often going back to sections, moving things around, tweaking, refining. This song, in contrast, was very much a stream of consciousness. I went out to my backyard, played two chords back and forth, wrote four little verses, and it was done.”

Released in May 2019, The Way Up features a ten-song album that grapples with the life-consuming churn of lost love, “what ifs?” and rose-colored memories that warp over time.  Along with Mekawy, Harry Morris Jr. (guitar), Andy Murray (bass), and Harry Louis Cozza (drums), the album also features a guest performance from guitar legend Nels Cline, “Eclipse.”  The Way Up from start to finish ignites a spark within Looms as they establish this luscious piece of work as profoundly beautiful instrumental bedrock.

(Photo courtesy: Liz Maney)