Song Premiere: Litronix, "Maggot"

(Photo by Dan Busta)
Los Angeles native Kevin Litrow’s Litronix is a one-man music machine.
Technologically based off the roots of repetition through high-tech loop pedals, Kevin creates pop structures coloring the songs with dynamic layers of warm analog synthesizers, micro tonally open tuned guitar, bass heavy polyrhythmic electronic beats and soulful vocal melodies on top.  The beats are created from either beat boxing, drum machines, or just experimenting with what toys or instruments are around at the time.
The vocals are what drive the soul of the sound and command the listener to either think deep or dance hard.  Each song has its own character and is its own painting with its own subject. Every subject has a deep meaning or a story to tell.
And watching Litronix perform live is a spectacle, as Kevin is an experienced  true performer, singer and dancer.
In the past, Kevin has been the sole creator of bands such as  Dance Disaster Movement who were part of Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak label and 60 Watt Kid.  He has shared the stage and toured extensively with acts such as Ariel Pink, Broadcast, The Kills, The Gossip, Peaches, Blood Brothers, Ian MacKaye, Prince Rama, Bloc Party, Best Coast, Mum.
Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of sharing “Maggot,” the new single from Litronix upcoming album Pump the Gas due out early 2017 on Porch Party Records.

This is what he had to say about it:
” Maggots are Larva from the fly.  They like to feed on us when we die.  So why do we feed them, while we are alive?
A maggot is, in the sense, a sort of parasite of negativity.  A damper in your day. That extra voice in your head always putting you down (saying ‘You’re not good enough,’ ‘You can’t do that,’  ‘Life is hard’). That moment when you’ve been feeling amazing all day and then something or someone takes you down.  It could be the front page of the news. It could be your co-worker.  It could be the weather.  It could be your paranoia.  It could be your anxiety.  It could be your own maggot you created in your head to wreak havoc.  You feed it every day. You keep it alive.  But you don’t like it.  It’s killing your soul.  So how do you get rid of it? It’s easy…
Smash it!”
(Visit Litronix here:
Catch him live here:
November 3rd – Prospector w/ Avi Buffalo, Breatherrr and DJ Dennis Owens)