Song Premiere: Lavender Flu "Letters To Tiptree"

The conceptualized musical stylings of this quartet from Oregon is quite…different. If you move backwards, as I normally tend to do, you’ll find a myriad collection of songs pieced together by the band they call Lavender Flu. The band, comprised of brothers Chris & Lucas Gunn, Scott Simmons and Ben Spencer first released its debut album Heavy Air back in 2016. Now while releasing an album isn’t such an extraordinary accomplishment, putting one together out of 30 tracks, littered with noisy effects, bluesy elements, with a distinct sound of nostalgia, possibly is. Couple that with a denseness you couldn’t cut with a knife, and you just may have something critics failed to capitalize on. The group’s next release, 2018’s Mow The Glass seemed more controlled with guitars occasionally heading over the top filtered with psychedelic nuances.

The band followed up that release with 2019’s Admiration For A Dancer, which was radically different from its debut, comprised of two tracks of improvisation; a jam session if you will, both clocking in over 15 minutes each, sans guitars. Fast forward to 2020 and the band shifts gears for change once again.

The band is set to release its third release in Barbarian Dust (In The Red Records) later this month on 2/28/20 and in anticipation of its new album, they share the new single, “Letters To Tiptree,” showcasing a much more focused Lavender Flu, eschewing random improvisation for something fluently structured. The guitars create a wall of melody that’s inviting with Chris Gunn’s inviting vocal delivery.

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