Song Premiere: Kansas Bible Company, "Green Door Morning"

Kansas Bible Company release their new LP, Paper Moon, on June 3 via Hotel Records. Kansas Bible Company will make you a believer. A believer in the power of psychedelic rock. A believer in the soulful punch of a three-piece horn section. A believer in music—in this case, music made by seven bandmates and three songwriters, all of whom attended the same Indiana college before moving their operations to Nashville.
With their third album, Paper Moon, the band tightens its approach, adding pop hooks and sharply focused songwriting to a sound that was once wildly experimental. Kansas Bible Company haven’t lost the unpredictable edge that pushed albums like Hotel Chicamauga into Frank Zappa territory, but Paper Moon shines a light on the melodic core that occupies the center of their music.
To celebrate the forthcoming release, the band shares “Green Door Morning” with Ghettoblaster (and you) today:

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