Song Premiere: Jim Shorts, “24,000”

Jim Shorts’ David Haynes has come a long way musically since his days of creating music in his upstairs bedroom in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  With the release of their new album tomorrow Halo Repair, Haynes and company will be introducing a new sound to the masses.  Gone is the lo-fi aesthetics and hissing of tape of the band’s early work.  Now emerges a more polished sound, jagged guitar solos, and the confessional songwriting, something that Haynes picked up on from old rock legends such as Martsch, Mascis, and Young.
Ghettoblaster is proud to premiere the single “24,000”, coming off Halo Repair.

“My wife and I dated long distance for three and a half years. Emily lived in Maryland, and I lived in Tennessee. At one point, Emily calculated all of the miles we drove to see each other. You guessed it – we drove approximately 24,000 miles in 3 and a half years,” Haynes says regarding the song.  “I wrote this song after she came down for a visit. If I remember correctly, I was in a hallway at college waiting to go into class. I realized that I would be completely lost without Emily, and so I wrote this song.”
As for his thoughts on Halo Repair as a whole:  “To be honest, I’m sort of amazed at how this album turned out. It’s so crazy how a group of songs that are written around the same time end up being sort of about the same thing. I loved every part of making this record – writing the songs, rehearsing the songs with my friend Roddy (who played drums), and then ultimately tracking with my other friend Jarrod. At the end of the day, I think Halo Repair is about friendship. It’s about finding the people who make you feel good and making something with them.
I know the phrase “halo repair” sounds religious, but it’s not meant to be. While there’s some religious questioning and metaphor on the album, I always think of Halo Repair as doing good work – the work that makes you feel like you are exactly who you are supposed to be. Making this album was good work. The best work I’ve ever done.”
Joined now by Baltimore musicians Evan Braswell, Charlotte Wood, and Mike Barth, Jim Shorts will be hitting the road in support of the new album:
4/20 – Frederick, MD @ Guido’s Speakeasy
4/21 – Lynchburg, VA @ Dino Den
4/22 – Chattanooga, TN @ Sluggo’s
4/23 – Savannah, GA @ Sentient Bean
4/24 – Charlotte, NC @ Tommy’s Pub
4/25 – Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
4/27 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Looking For Group
4/28 – Harrisburg, PA @ Little Amps
5/2 – Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar
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